Industrial Hemp/Cannabidiol (CBD)

Unfortunately, many of the hemp-based products sold on the market have little to no Cannabidiol (CBD), falling far short of the product label claims. Making matters worse, the hemp-based extracts used as the base of these products may contain contaminants like certain molds and/or heavy metals. At ProVerde, we offer a variety of services to help clients optimize their processes and to help drive product improvements – including homogeneity, stability, and shelf life testing. Cannabinoid Profiles will show the amount of CBD and CBDA (CBD’s precursor) in addition to over a half-dozen other cannabinoids so your company can be sure that you’re getting what you paid for. Similarly, Mold/Mildew/Fungus/Yeast screenings, E.coli/Salmonella screenings, Mycotoxin screenings, Heavy Metal & Elemental analyses, Residual Solvent (VOC) testing and Pesticide/PGR testing will reveal whether or not you’re getting more than what you paid for. Decarboxylation services add additional value to your products by converting all CBDA into CBD, allowing your company to create more CBD products with the same starting material.


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